Mark holds an IMIAL Level3 qualification in Automotive Refrigerant Handling, making him fuly qualified to test, service and re-gas any vehicle air conditioning system





When a vehicle is serviced at M & R Autos, it receives the highest quality of inspection possible, using quality parts and the specified manufacturers' oils, plus if your vehicle is under 3 years old and still in warranty we will service it using genuine parts. 


This means your warranty is still valid and the cost to you will be a lot less due to our labour rates being lower than main dealer garages.


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We are able to undertake repairs to all makes of car, 4x4, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles.  The vast experience of our technicians means no job is too big, between them Mark and Rob have over 50 years in the trade working on all sorts of vehicles from the classic Reliant Robin to performance cars.  They each have their own specialities, Marks interest lies in Land Rovers, other 4x4 vehicles and motorcycles, whereas Rob's passion is for camper vans and classic vehicles.


They both have previous experience of working in rally car fabrication and preparation and relish the challenge of the unknown.  All of our technicians undertake training to keep their skills up to date with the latest technology.


At M & R Autos we will give you an estimation of the cost to repair your vehicle and we will stick to that estimation.  In the event that the repair to your vehicle is going to increase in cost we will always contact you and get approval before continuing, we believe in quality work at geuine prices.








M & R Autos are proud to be the only suplliers of Alive Tuning in Herefordshire.  For almost a decade, Alive Tuning have been pushing the boundaries of Land Rover performance, with unrivalled technical prowess, vast engine tuning and ecu remapping experience, we have the ability to totally transform the heart and soul of your vehicle.  Alive specialise in engine remap tuning for the entire Land Rover range, further enhancing these already incredible vehicles. 


The specialist remaps are not limited to Land Rover vehicles, they can be applied to any other make of vehicle from Audis' to Volvos' uncluding the very latest models fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters.  The Alive Tuning performance remap is not a standard remap that is offered by many other suppliers, but is specifically tailored to suit your very own requirements.  Whether you desire increased Fuel Efficiency, Maximum Power and Performance or a balance of both, we can put together a package that suits your needs perfectly.  All we need is to ask you a few relative questions relating to your vehicle, how you drive it, where you drive (so we can account for temperature and fuel quality if you drive much in Europe or any other country), details of its service history and what you ultimately require from the upgrade.  For further information visit




Nowadays modern cars have complex computer systems and faults can occur for a variety of reasons.  We have invested in some of the best diagnostic equipment available to allow us to read fault codes in most makes of cars, 4x4's and light commercial vehicles.




Mark, Rob and Stewart are qualified MOT testers, we book tests every hour between 9am and 4pm each week day and between 9am and 12pm on a Saturday.  All tests are booked by appointment only 01568 613447.


In the event that your vehicle needs work carried out to get it through an MOT test, we will ring you and give you an estimate on the costs involved, before carrying out any repair work.


We are also able to offer a free MOT retest within 10 days if we take your vehicle for testing.




Fitting tyres is an everyday occurance at M & R Autos, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the most competitive of pricing on all makes and quality of tyres.  Our Super Tracker four-wheel laser alignment equipment is up to date and accurate covering toe, camber and caster settings.


Call us for a quote and you will be given an excellent price, with no hidden extras!!  Fitting, valves, balance and disposal are all included in the quote you receive.  Wheel aligment is carried out at the customer's request, or if a technician decides it is necessary, it will be discussed with the customer beforehand.